About Me

Simon Songhurst is a renowned beauty and hair photographer based in London, known for his exceptional technical skills in lighting, studio work, and highly creative approach to imagery. With an impressive portfolio of advertising campaigns and editorials for major brands such as Marks & Spencer, L'Oreal, Rimmel, Lancôme, Dove, Wella, All Saints, and Peroni, Simon has established himself as one of the leading photographers in the industry.

Simon's approach to his work is highly collaborative, working closely with clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life, no matter the scope of the project. He is also highly versatile in his work, dividing his time between studio shoots and location work that has taken him around the world, from the Seychelles and The Caribbean to Dubai, New York, Australia, and even Easter Island.

In recent years, Simon has expanded his skillset to include filmmaking and directing, adding a new dimension to his work. His film and motion clients include Peroni, Wella, 111SKIN, Face Gym and Face Theory. He is also highly self-sufficient, able to produce, direct, and shoot all of his own work. Simon's unique combination of skills and expertise makes him a valuable asset for any project, whether it be in still photography or motion work.

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